duck moat

some people who run a government, it turns out they have important expenses! they must clean their moat and build duck island! this is the best news blodgett have heard in a long while. clearly such government are extremely stylish.

news pages and picture of duck island here:

2 Responses to “duck moat”

  1. doik says:

    apparently though, if you have a big house, possibly with duck moat, people are just jealous! this means it’s a good thing to have and so we should all get a duck moat if possible. otherwise they might take our whip away.

  2. blodgett says:

    i was thinking about this. not bothered about whip, can hit people just as easily without it. but duck moat may be a problem. soon the ducks may become disgruntled with their position in life, and claim on government expenses to have to moat around their floating island made clean