grubs, they have the best life. they are born into stuff that is soft and warm and cosy. all they have to do is sleep and eat and roll (optional). they don’t even have to go anywhere to find food, they just eat what is around them! sleep and eat and sleep and eat. they have time to philosophise about the world, all the time snug and well fed. the philosophising may be completed rapidly, as the world contains only the concepts of sleeping, eating and item bed-food. also optional rolling.

for the grub, no problems or complaining or difficult life choices. when was the last time you heard a grub complain about stress at work? eh? EH? they don’t! because grub don’t work! ha.
or stress over sprogs, or other complicated social interaction of some kind? grub social interaction has no problems! modes available are ignore, or eat. solves everything.

in conclusion, i would like to be a grub.

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