guest blodg!

Watch this and your life will be better:


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  1. blodgett says:

    you know, i didn’t think the stravinsky was that bad akshully. and cello hair was great :D
    did you watch interval interview? stephen hough is a dude. joyous squeee fact plucked from the fount of all truth (his wikipedia page): he wrote a cello concerto for steven isserlis…

    plus he too has a blodg – an instance with rather good photo here:

  2. cakesniffer says:

    Here in foreign parts there was operaing at the welcome drinks… would have changed ratio of drink to opera if I were in charge.

    Much better to see Vláčky which are rather good here. They are happy and make good noises. Vláčku is like train.

  3. splodget says:

    OHMYGOSH THAT INTERVIEW. They call each other V and PH!!! A PRE-CELLO-HAIR PHOTO OF ISSERLIS. That is a true gem of an interview eeeee. <3333

    I watched and enjoyed the interview with PH and then sulked because there wasn't one with V.

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