ninja oven

today blodgett wear EVERYTHING BLACK like a ninja. except for rucksack, this mostly blue.

ninja blodgett

ninja blodgett

3 Responses to “ninja oven”

  1. Cakesniffer says:

    That car’s driving on the wrong side of the road… (very realistic looking though!)

  2. doik says:

    blodgett looks like person from stickmen game.

    i am confused how car can be on the wrong side of the road. isn’t it ambiguous?

  3. blodgett says:

    oh, blodgett forgot about sides! car did start off other way, but then shape was strange. so drew all the windows and lights on the other way, did not occur the thought of crash. nevermind, maybe it just a bad car! UMMM

    probably a good thing blodgett don’t drive

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