Insects I: the Fliangle

The Fliangle is a curious insect with no feet. Coloured a distinctive green, supposedly for camouflage purposes, it is nevertheless rather striking. Its unusual geometric shape appears to have few aerodynamic advantages and almost certainly contributes to the Fliangle’s difficulty in taking off. However, the tough, edged carapace makes it an unappetising snack, except to those predators partial to armadillos.

The Fliangle itself eats pollen. It is a creature of decidedly below average intellect. This may be why it hasn’t figured out that reducing your food supply’s ability to propagate is a Bad Idea. It is also the reason why the Fliangle captured below is about to attempt a landing on a flower that cannot possibly support it. The Filangle’s continued survival is a mystery, but scientists theorise that other insects keep it around for the comedy value.

Wild Fliangle

Wild Fliangle

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  1. Cakesniffer says:

    I like fliangle! :D :D :D

    Will see if I can spot one in the wild…

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