burned tongue eating spaghetti hoops :'(

6 Responses to “sad”

  1. Cakesniffer says:

    Poor blodgett! Must wait to cool a little.

  2. doik says:

    ha ha! small mouthfuls. eat SLOWLY.

    oh how long i have waited. like a tiger in the grass for a dubious opportunity of zebra (or something that sort of looks close enough, it’s been so long and the tiger is hungry).

  3. blodgett says:

    so mean! it was small mouthful and it was et slow, just all too soon :(

    blodgett direct doik to this website:

    although, it did make blodgett laugh :) hope the tiger are less hungry now!

  4. doik says:


    do you think we could get to archive cakesniffer in real time so that the context of “discussions” such as these is not lost?

  5. Cakesniffer says:

    > do you think we could get to archive cakesniffer

    Hmm, don’t think will execute the JavaScript necessary for this AJAX wonder

  6. blodgett says:

    blodgett thinks probably can work out content of cakesniffer from context anyway…
    spaghetti oooops all gone now. initially spurned after tongue burned. but now eated.

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