Insects II: the Lesser Spotted Crudweasel

blodgett continues its series on insects that you didn’t know about because blodgett only just made them up!

Today, we examine the only species of Crudweasel in existence. It has a single off-centre spot on its back and a funny-shape patch on its tail – no more spots are forthcoming. The Crudweasel is very small, and lives in tiny burrows in the walls of buildings. It used to have teeth but they fell out, so now it comes out only at night from embarrassment, and eats dirt. This combination of factors means the Crudweasel is rarely seen even when one is searching for it.

It is entirely illiterate, and samples potential food items directly rather than reading the labels. The Crudweasel is however a sociable insect, and enjoys regular Crudweasel gatherings. Its hobbies are tennis and knitting, and the more adventurous members of the species have been known to experiment with papercrafts and board games.

Pictured below: a rare sight of the Crudweasel sampling a potential meal of dirt (dark brown angular variety)

Figure 1: Crudweasel

Figure 1: Crudweasel

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