identifying creatures

blodgett present the wildlife of the country:



4 Responses to “identifying creatures”

  1. cakesniffer says:

    I like it!!! :D Have come to some alarming answers though.

  2. doik says:

    blodgett classes as beetle.

    i didn’t know the best discriminating question between a fox and a carrot was whether it eats shoes. perhaps there’s a super-surprising form of 20 questions like this.

  3. blodgett says:

    blodgett never claimed complete or optimal taxonomy! but nevertheless accepts classification of beetle. is good approximation.

  4. […] strange animals: a pheasant, a red kite, and a small red mammal that cannot be classified using the standard blodgett flowchart (best guess is a fox-carrot hybrid). Also stumbled across a ruined church which was a bit spooky. I […]