bbc live-blodging a cloud

honest! volcano with awsum name did properly blow up, and now spreads its cloud of DOOM.

blodgett’s previous coverage!:

16 Responses to “bbc live-blodging a cloud”

  1. blodgett says:

    > Cloud of DOOM is coming for YOU! :o

    but not exclusively

  2. blodgett says:

    just checked outside
    not here yet

  3. cakesniffer says:

    > but not exclusively

    You also work as 2nd person plural

  4. blodgett says:

    > You also work as 2nd person plural

    blodgett rarely work at anything

  5. doik says:

    dust not visible from grown in account of it being small

  6. doik says:

    and so was that.

  7. cakesniffer says:

    Nick unhappy with Eyjafjallajoekull… worried it will ruin holiday plans :-(

  8. blodgett says:

    oh no! hopefully it will soon cease this inconsiderate belching

  9. blodgett says:

    wow, these grand!

  10. blodgett says:

    although apparently have no datas for france

  11. doik says:


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