traditional literary forms

dear blodg

today blodgett is disgruntled as it woke up at 7am to work early (needs to leave early). network fileshares are down, blodgett has no files, blodgett could have slept one hour and a half longer (and counting) with no loss in productivity (except blodg post). GRUMPY >:(

in other news, was a rly cute tractorg outside blodgett’s window last week, but don’t think it saw blodgett. maybe it will be here again today! hopes.
also yestertag was good, was in large hall with smooth floor and played a LOT of run-run-run-sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide. alas discovered later this result in matching holes on blodgett’s best rainbow-stripy socks. nevermind….

hungry now. blodgett goes to find snackfood

2 Responses to “traditional literary forms”

  1. doik says:

    what you need is a counterfactual-aware alarm clock.

    good work on sliding.

  2. blodgett says:

    > what you need is a counterfactual-aware alarm clock.

    in other words, a CLOCK OF LIES!!! blodgett will have no truck with it! actually, blodgett have no truck at all :( poor blodgett

    > good work on sliding.


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