squidgy alarums

update! now with added zenity, requires not the argument.
blodgett have placed it here separate.


also have attached it to keyboard extra button for instant-alarm-transform :D

5 Responses to “squidgy alarums”

  1. blodgett says:

    update! have added calculation of amount of time until

  2. Rob Skimehorn says:

    I think most of these messages on this article look like trash; You might want to get rid of them.

  3. Ronnie Moake says:

    Some of these messages on this article are garbage, You might want to filter them out.

  4. Patty Kamakea says:

    This site is unexciting. Existence proceeds.

  5. blodgett says:

    yeah blodgett thinks you might be right about that

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