perfect day

sun is shiny, air is warm, perfect day for some unsourced facts about dirt!

1) dirt comes in clay, sand, silt, peat varieties (which taste different)
1a) loam is a good word
2) 1 inch of topsoil takes averagely 500 years to be made! weathering is ssloooowww
2a) but worms help! they like cool dirt to dig in
3) biggest worm found is 22 feet long! worm is llooooooooonnggg
3a) 1 acre of dirt contain more than 1 million worm! but probably quite short
3b) worm digest its own weight daily. worming is HUNGRY work
4) you too can worm digest:
5) world soil day is december 5th!
5a) there exist roughly 80 billion tons less dirt this year than last. erosion is faasssssssst
6) is probably good to eat dirt

moarr dirt facts:

3 Responses to “perfect day”

  1. ipad 2 covers says:

    What I wanted to say here is – opinions, suggestions, information that people post in their blogs are sometimes nonsense but this NOT one of these examples.

  2. doik says:

    recent went to exhibition about dirt at wellcome trust. this blodg post contained more relevant and interesting information.

  3. blodgett says:

    blodg posts always contain more relevant and interesting information to any other resource
    you heard it here first

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