track the desktop tasks

blodgett likes to expand its activities over multiple desktops, frequently eight at once for maximal efficiency and parallelism. problem occurs that mental effort must be expended then to track these, which is agitating. blodgett prefers minimal thinking and would like to label or otherwise notate desktops. gnome workspace labels in task switcher too small, too awkward to adjust, and too gnome-specific. zenity to the rescue!

blodgett has made script task-label which opens small dialogue for task annotation, can leave on desktop for reminder of current task and progress. closing dialogue on completion of task logs description to file with timestamp. success! :D

zenity --text-info --title="current task" --editable --width=280 --height=180 >> $taskFile
echo >> $taskFile
echo -n "quit on " >> $taskFile
date >> $taskFile
echo >> $taskFile

works from custom launcher on gnome taskbar (with icon /usr/share/icons/Tango/scalable/apps/gnome-session.svg), and from metacity keybinding. ok back to work

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  1. blodgett says:

    hmm. seems that after dialogue open some time, this not report text box info. must investigate

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