advanced foodery

well, advanced for blodgett anyway (i.e. not flat round food).

makes about 3 blodgett-sized portions
took about 1.5 hr, but mostly unattended

required food items:
6 small chicken drumsticks (4 larger ones probably work too)
3 small red peppers
5 or 6 tomatoes
1 medium onion
1 red onion (optional)
2 stock cubes (knorrrrrrrrr)
mixed herbs and garlic (optional)

1. put drumsticks in grill on medium high for 15-ish mins to make skin nicer. (blodgett’s grill was about 3/5ths up)
2. chop onions into small lumps
3. fry garlic if having and add onions
4. chop peppers and tomatoes into small lumps and add to pan in turn
5. put lid on and fry quite high till it starts going mushy, stir sometimes
5a. if passes 15 minutes turn grill down to lowest
5.5. add herbs to pot if having
6. add stock cubes and a bit of water, bubble a bit
7. add chickenfoods and bubble with lid for about an hour
8. blodgett nommed with rice, but pastafoods or potatofoods probably acceptable also

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    0. preheat grill?

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