fooding for 5 people with sneaky meatballs! took about 40mins

blodgett recommends nom with pasta and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese

food items:
bit of oil for frying
12 sausages
1 large onion
small pile of herbs
3 large tomatoes
1 can tomatoes
2 knorr stock cubes or 3-4 oxo cubes
optionally 1 tablespoon of sugar (but not heaped)
chilli sauce to taste

1. chop onion, heat oil, fry hot till soft and browning, turn heat down
2. add herbs
3. squeeze meatball-sized lumps out of sausage skins into pan, making them a bit more round. wet hands helps greatly here, else, meat paste will stick to you
4. fire hup, fry till cooked, optionally drain out some fat
4a. now would be a good time to put pasta on eh
5. chop and add tomatoes and canned tomatoes, fry a bit to make mushy
6. add stock cubes (and chilli) and bubble for 10-15 mins, stir sometimes
7. if necessary, thin with hot water, add sugar if sauce is too tangy

EDIT: blodgett forgot to say some black pepper is good as well at the herb stage. om nom nom second dinner

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