tasty sheeps

this made last week so maybe a leetle inaccurate. made in slow cooker, definitely find something else to do while it bubble.

260g pacquet of lamb neck fillet
1 medium onion
4 medium tomatoes
1 intermediate potato
2 oxo cubes
arbitrary herbs
tablespoon of gravy granules
mug of water

1. lamb fillets came in sausage-shaped rolls. cut into slices across width of roll, makes small pieces 0.5 — 1cm wide
2. cut up onion and intermediate potato into small chunks
3. cut tomato into halves and then into slices
4. add everything into slooooow cooker, mix it up, turn it on
5. leave for 3-5 hours until all the sheepfoods almost fall apart, but check it a couple of times in between and add more water if too dry
6. tasty with with breadfood or ricefood!

6 Responses to “tasty sheeps”

  1. cakesniffer says:

    This does sound tasty but can it be made in a regular pot?

  2. blodgett says:

    blodgett would guess so, probably require less time and small fire?

  3. Panama Offshore Services foundation says:

    ..For an ultimate side dish try Tylers scalloped potatoes theyre easy cheesy and oh-so-delicious.

  4. blodgett says:

    you missed an apostrophe

  5. cakesniffer says:

    Don’t think cheese go so well with this

  6. Sugel says:

    If you are interested in potato varieties available from the Potato Variety Management Institute PVMI follow this link . – White-skinned cream-fleshed round-oval tubers early maincrop general-purpose potato.

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