official notice of intent to reclassify

item background

there do exist a song by some person called mraz, which blodgett had heretofore classified under ‘happy’. blodgett’s understanding of this song largely formed by video of small child and miniature instrument. liked also the word ‘mraz’, judged to be a word likely to be spoken by a cat.
unfortunately, during an evening of treacherous wondering, blodgett decided to investigate further. relevant discoveries lead blodgett to desire this item reclassify to ‘dire’ (no offence to small child (or cats)).

informations pertaining to reclassification

a) lyrics to song are awful, at least those parts blodgett could make out
b) singing person is of type ‘gormless’, bearing an unpleasant resemblance to either (i) hugh grant (ii) david cameron (iii) both [a truly disturbing thought]
c) singing person comports himself in this video like unto an idiot

informations in mitigation

a) the sproing and the clicky noises still highly entertaining
b) comprehensibility of song lyrics not required; many items in category ‘happy’ not also members of category ‘makes sense’

preliminary judgement

insufficient mitigating circumstance, motion for reclassification of item from category ‘happy’ to category ‘dire’ are upheld. all in favour say ‘aye’

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