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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

tasty gloooooooup
makes maybe 8 soupfoods? depends how much one doth consume.
about 1.5 hours including potwatching

loosely requires:
4 leeks
2 onions
7 normal size potatoes*
3 stock cubes (blodgett used cow)
much herb
black pepper
half small pot of creme fraiche
frying medium
large pan
electric hand blender, masher, or other whoosking device

1. cut up all vegetables into lumps
2. fry them enthusiastically for a while (~10 mins) to make a bit soft
2.1. may want to fry non-potato items first, but blodgett not sure it makes any difference
2.2 boil water in kettle
2.2.1. this is not the same thing as ‘boil kettle’. you have been warned.
3. add much herbs, crumbled stock cubes, and peppery; mix it up
4. add water till covered, bubble gently for an hour or so
5. turn off the heat and whoosk until approximately smooth
5.1. carefully so as not to decorate the cooker
6. stir in creme fraiche
7. slurp

*in case wondering, the canonical scale of potato sizing as follows:
tiny, small, normal, large, abnormally large
blodgett estimates increase in step size of factor approximately 1.5, although abnormally large potato size is clearly unbounded.

hat of spring

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

in a tin

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

mmm creamy

1 can campbell concentrating soup
1 large leek
1 onion
2 chicken breast pieces/1 large turkey piece/whatever
1 chicken stockcube
olive oil
herbs as wanted
much black pepper
some frozen peas
1 saucepan

1. cut up chicken, onion, leek into small pieces
2. heat oil in pan fairly hot and add chickenfoods and herbs, mix until colourchanged
3. add onion and leek and mix around, add some pepper, turn to medium heat
4. do something else for 10 minutes
5. return to pan, mix up foods, add peas and squished stockcube, mix up more
6. add all soup from can and about 3/4 can of hot water in bits, mixing each in separately to avoid lump
7. turn to veryvery low and leave for 10-15 minutes
7a. could be worth mixing occasionally. if appears the little grainy bits, just mix them in

blodgett eats it with ricefood!