debugging switch

blodgett has a pull-cord light switch which stopped working. this was awkward, so blodgett dismantled it to investigate!

pull cord switches same as clicky pens inside, and rotation toggles which pair of contacts are connected.

goes around

goes around

one contact fell out, but it wasn't connected anyway

one contact fell out, but wasn’t connected anyway

safety precautions taken, turning off light circuit before meddling commenced!

as light switch is now working, blodgett determined that some combination of the following helped:

1) disconnecting and reconnecting the wires into the contacts
2) blue-tacking the contacts into the base
3) covering the contacts and screws with electrical tape to stop stuff shorting when it was crammed back into the casing
4) adding a bit of solder to the rotating end contacts in case they had worn too far down
5) tightening the connections
6) removing the dead woodlouse

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