not weat

unfortunately blodgett’s peaceful agrarian existence recently disrupted by both planned and unplanned maintenance.

all back to normal now though, and grains have been harvested! turns out they were barley.
will probably reattempt this growing with more accurate guidelines. overall yield almost exactly what blodgett planted! rinse and repeat.

in particular, blodgett will plant grains less densely: more germinated than expected, much fell over due to combined efforts of heavy rain and neighbourhood cat, and could not stand up again.

not triffids

harvesting information was obtained here; blodgett prefers this source due to “small sample” recommendation:

2 Responses to “not weat”

  1. cakesniffer says:

    How exciting! What can be manufactured from barley? Is it a pizza ingredient?!

  2. blodgett says:

    hmm, blodgett was considering adding it to STEW. but has encountered the problem of the uneatable outsides of the grain stuck to the eatable insides of the grain.

    may require BASHING

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