first foray

at suggestion of friend nick, blodgett have generated a gif of its skyboat pictures that will probably not make sense unless comments are heeded

is here…

blodgett used imagemagick. was very simple:
convert -delay 250 -size 1089×569 -page +0+0 skyboat.png -page +0+0 christmasskyboat.png -loop 0 skyboat.gif

which means:
convert images into gif, display each for 2.5 seconds, gif size will be 1089×569, images to use are first skyboat then christmasskyboat, each drawn at zero horizontal and vertical offset, loop forever, write output to a file ‘skyboat.gif’.

ta da! :)

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  1. splodget says:

    If this were facebook, I would ‘like’ this post. (yes, am just inviting the usual fb insults, I know…)

  2. blodgett says:

    only ‘like’?! hmph.

  3. cakesniffer says:

    I like this post! Caused lolz.

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