when friend nick’s washwash was raining on the inside (http://www.doof.me.uk/2009/11/15/washing-machine-woes/), blodgett did draw an illustration. it was brought to blodgett’s attention recently that perhaps this should be more generally disseminated.

blodgett display it ici:



as we can see, the problem is caused by the cloud inside the machine. it may be solved by turning the dial to the ‘sun’ programme.

4 Responses to “washwash”

  1. Cakesniffer says:

    This was just how it was!

  2. blodgett says:

    blodgett’s drawings are always accurate to the micrometre

  3. doik says:

    a planck length is 1.6e-35 meters. pictures are many, many orders of magnitude suboptimal in accuracy.

  4. blodgett says:

    YOU are many orders of magnitude suboptimal!