blodgett REALLY hates matlab

>> isinteger(1)

ans =


3 Responses to “blodgett REALLY hates matlab”

  1. doik says:

    i think to avoid annoyances like these in python:

    > 1/2

  2. cakesniffer says:

    How doof :-(. Should upgrade to Scheme!

    > (integer? 1)
    > (/ 1 2)

  3. blodgett says:

    even python way is better though, because things that look like integer are integer, and things that look like float are floaty. in matlab, roughly 147 thousand things get printed like integer, and none behave right. tis vile, and blodgett will be a happy pizza oven the day it never has to set eyes on it again.

    also scheme so awsum.

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