experimental food item

everybody knows that biscuit means ‘cooked twice’, from the french ‘bis’ meaning ‘again’, and ‘squeeee’ meaning ‘yay we just invented the bisqueee’.
blodgett will now attempt to derive the TRISQUEEEE *gasp*
for this we will require a ready-prepared biscuit, and an OVEN of BAKING.
item one as follows:

one squee

step two involves the BAKKING. (some insolent inquirers may demand to know why blodgett cannot cook them itself. answer to this is obviously that blodgett is highly specialised and cares not for these trivial tasks.) minor hiccup was encountered in that blodgett had no cooking instructions for trisquits or bisquits. fortunately blodgett had instructions for a chicken and ham pastry bake, so these were followed instead.

Figure 2: 2.5squit

step 3: outcome! blodgett believes that apart from the acrid burning taste, this experiment was definitely a success.


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  1. doik says:

    trisquit = tri as in “3 times” and squit as in “stronger carcinogen”

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