blodgett appears to have added too much milk to its butter cloud. now more closely resembles butter swamp. ah well, sausages will thicken it up! :D

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  1. cakesniffer says:

    An easy mistake to make! Current thinking is that just the smallest splash of milk is required.

    Also, can try making a butter cloud sauce by putting butter, milk, salt, and pepper into a jug and microwaving. Then pour into potatoes. Helps with regulating consistency. Also doesn’t cool mixture as much as milk/butter from fridge.

  2. blodgett says:

    blodgett likes how windspeed given in m/s
    always good to use si units

  3. cakesniffer says:

    Confused. Did blodgett reply to the wrong post?

  4. blodgett says:

    ooh, yupyup! was supposed to be weather site

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