from the drawing board*

*disclaimer: this post contain no** drawings

here blodgett reveals sneak previews of items in they own individual swamps of doom:

hamlette, the tiny dejected ham: a play in one act

product development!
the pen warmer, tiny scarf to make sure your pen not get cold in winter. this one actually have prototype, will post photo. probably will sell like hot cake this summer

web 2.4!
crowdsource platform named PLEB. blodgett haven’t decided what it stand for yet. any suggestions from ye peasants?

**well ok, just one


3 Responses to “from the drawing board*”

  1. doik says:

    PLEaseBook. a social network, defined by unnecessary, shallow social desperation, where your binge-drinking, gambling college “friends” ‘crowdsource’ your pocket for money followed by a photo montage of their sudden but inevitable betrayal of their claims for use. the unique point here is the social network is not undirected: in a “friend”ship one end is called the “pleb” and the other is called the “belp”. hence the phrase “can i belp you?” i.e., can i lean on you (socially) for money?

    i think glum is a better description of picture.

    hup |o|

  2. blodgett says:

    but you are peasant, and have no money to lend. hmm. you may lend chickens.

    hup \o/

  3. blodgett says:

    > hup |o|

    magnitude of your head is LARGE

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